La Garçonne Moderne is an in-house project born from the point of view of La Garçonne, the New York-based e-commerce retailer that carries a unique mix of luxury and emerging designers. Designed by Kris Kim, the company’s Founder and Creative Director, La Garçonne Moderne is a style response to the needs of Garçonnes living in the modern world. The collection of ready-to-wear demonstrates a mannish spirit—an effortless style that is suited to gamines of a gentlewoman’s sensibility.

    Streamlined and deliberately free of excess, the collection is composed of classic silhouettes reinterpreted with new textural elements and form. This exercise in design results in an assortment that is anonymous and luxuriously layered in cultural cues. Key to La Garçonne Moderne is the exploration of nuances in a neutral palette: Black exists in several faded forms; Navy is a deep Marine; White appears as Chalk, Oyster, and Almond, representing a spectrum of restrained color. Fabrics have a washed appearance. Classic men’s sweaters are re-shaped. Dresses and outerwear are simplified. The modern suit is introduced. And the idea of dual function is explored with tunics that double as lab jackets. The result is a curated wardrobe of essential modern pieces.